Former AJK president Sardar Abdul Qayyum passes away


ISLAMABAD: Former President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Mohammad Abdul Qayyum Khan passed away in Islamabad today after protracted illness. He was 91.


Born on April 4, 1924 in Ghaziabad area of district Bagh of Jammu & Kashmir, the veteran politician played his vital role for the rights of people of Kashmir.

He was the supreme leader of Muslim Conference and amongst the founding leader of Kashmir Freedom Movement.

He became Minister of AJK State in 1952. In 1979, he was appointed Member Constituent Council World Muslim League (Rabita-al-Alam Al Islami) Makkah Mukkarramah, Saudi Arabia.

In 1985, he was elected President of the State by the Assembly. In 1991, he resigned from the office and was elected as Prime Minister by the assembly.

In 1996, he was elected as Member and Leader of Opposition in AJK Assembly. He was reelected as the assembly member in 2001.

He remained President All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference for 14 times.

Sardar Mohammad Abdul Qayyum was supreme leader of his party