Four hanged in various Punjab jails


RAWALPINDI/SARGODHA/BAHAWALPUR: At least four death row prisoners have been hanged till death in jails of Rawalpindi, Sargodha and Bahawalpur in Thursday’s wee hours.


Two death house inmates—Jahandad Khan and Muhammed Arshad have been executed at Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail at today’s daybreak. Muhammed Arshad killed a man in 2002 and Jahandad Khan in 2002.

A condemned prisoner, Muhammed Tariq hanged at the gallows in Sargodha’s District Jail this morning. The killer shot down a man in 2000.

Meantime, the hanging of another convict, Ikhlaq, has been put on hold.

A convicted killer, Israr met his fate in Bahawalpur’s Centrla Jail today. The criminal took life of a youth over a land dispute in 2002.

Sessions judge postponed the execution of two prisoners in Jhelum’s District Jail for a few days. Convict, Aslam, in collusion with his brother, Muhammed Azam, killed his father-in-law in 1999.