Four Lyari goons killed, 2 killer nabbed from Orangi


KARACHI: As many as four operatives of Lyari’s crime machine, have been shot to death in a police encounter in Karachi area of Lyari. Meantime, two target killers were captured from Orangi Town in Thursday’s wee hours.


According to police sources, security personnel were busy with search operation in Lyari area of Kalri late Wednesday when some gang-men ambushed them with gunfire. Police promptly retaliated and killed four outlaws hailing from Shiraz Comrade Group.

Police seized firearms including two SMGs and four hand grenades from the criminals.

Police said the goons were wanted by police in multiple counts of crimes including targeted killings of two policemen and extortion mafia activities in the megacity.

The felons have been identified as Ma’zar Chhotoo, Kamran Lasi, Amir Bhayya and Arsalan.

Meantime, police conducted a crackdown in Orangi Town and arrested two target-killers in the overnight operation.

According to police sources, the criminals have confessed to having killed a police blabber.