Geeta’s repatriation: Judge records deaf-mute’s statement, reserves verdict

KARACHI: Local court on Thursday has reserved verdict in Indian deaf-mute national Geeta’s case while her statement was also recorded with help of a differently-abled persons’ instructor.


The court will pass the verdict at around 1 pm today.

Special instructor helped South’s Sessions Judge to record Geeta’s statement.

According to the statement she was residing in Lahore with her family. She has seven siblings, three sisters and four brothers. Police had handed her over to a shelter in Lahore, she said.

Geeta’s said that she does not know how long she has been in Edhi’s caretaking.

The judge asked her about the area she belongs to in India to which the Hindu girl only managed recalling “a rice field” adjacent to house and house number, 193.

She cleared that police had caught her and not Faisal Edhi. Geeta further said that she does not encounter any difficulty living in Edhi centre.

Indian counsel representing Geeta in repatriation case, Momineen Malik has filed a plea in the court claiming her nationality.

Faisal Edhi’s counsel maintained that if Geeta’s blood samples match with any family claiming her responsibility then she might go.

However, he opposed handover of Geeta’s custody.