Geeta’s story takes a new twist


LUDHIANA: The story of mute and deaf Geeta has taken another twist, her stepmother claims Geeta is not only married but is the mother to a son as well.


Her brother told Indian media that Geeta’s real name is Heera.

Geeta’s stepmother Devi, speaking to journalists in Ludhiana said when her daughter went missing she was between 17 and 18 years old. She claims they reported the matter to the police as well.

Devi showed cameramen a picture of Geeta holding a little baby in her arms, which she claims is a portrait of Geeta and her son who was approximately 3-4 months old when she went missing, today her son is 10 years old.

Geeta’s brother Vinod Kumar claimed before journalists, that his sisters real name is Heera and she went missing 10 years ago.