Govt seriously mulling legal action against KE: Memon


KARACHI: Information Minister Sharjeel Memon on Monday warned the K-Electric to mend its ways or else the government would arrest people responsible for its operations.


Memon said the prevailing situation in Karachi was result of K-Electric’s incompetence and malice.

The minister said that the government was seriously mulling over a legal action against the power utility.

“It seems we have to provide an ideal weather system to K-Electric as it always comes up with pretexts of drizzle and humidity,” said the minister.

The minister’s remarks coincides with a statement from a K-Electric spokesman who said weather was a main reason of tripping in transmission line and power outages in Karachi.

He said dust on transmission line becomes mud due to humidity which is causing tripping.

The spokesman further said wetness in the atmosphere was comparatively higher in Bin Qasim because the area was located near the sea.

The K-Electric spokesman went on to say that people could verify the weather effects on the internet themselves if they were not willing to buy K-Electric’s claim.