Haris Suleman were on a fundraising mission for the children’s instruction

AMERICAN SAMOA: Devastation pushed deep additionally hard when a single-engine plane piloted by a pair of American education activists of Pakistani origin, went down into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Samoa Islands.


Respectively, Babar Suleman father of 17-year-old son Haris Suleman were on a fundraising mission for the children’s instruction. The plane collapsed on its way to Christmas Islands later than taking off from New Caledonia, sources stated. Their route had added stopovers in Canada, Iceland, England, Greece, Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, American Samoa, Kiribati, Hawaii and California. Agreeing to the US coast guard, Haris’s dead body has been plucked out of the ocean, while search was even underway for his father.

Haris had succeeded – who has been fleeing with his father, Babar, since he was eight – would have become the youngest ever to achieve this effort. Australian teenager Ryan Campbell, 19, became the youngest person to pilot a single-engine aircraft solo around the cosmos last September, which took 70 days, but Haris for not being solo was in another class.

As stated to officials, the charity Babar and Haris were supporting – The Citizens Foundation – celebrated the opening of its 1,000th school in May.


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