Imran demands ECP resign over Inquiry Commission’s report


ISLAMABAD: Calling for the resignation of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that he was pained by the findings of the Inquiry Commission regarding transparency of last general elections.


“I accept the decision of the Inquiry Commission in the light of commitments I had made earlier,” Khan said while holding a press conference in Islamabad on Saturday.

“Although I commend the commission and Chief Justice Nasir ul Mulk for the way they conducted the inquiry from May to July, I am, however, hurt by their conclusion,” he said. “I had high exceptions from the commission after I attended the proceedings regularly.”

The commission said that 35 percent of Form 15s were missing from polling bags. If so many Form 15s were missing, how could the election be called fair, he questioned.

“Why were ROs in Punjab given the carte Blanche to decide how many extra ballots to print? Under what law?

“Election in Haripur where the whole place has gone for re-election due to missing electoral rolls in 6 polling stations.”

Khan expressed his disappointment for the commission’s failrue to use its power to form SIT (Special Investigation Team) which could look into these issues.

The SIT could have investigated the role of RO’s and missing forms, Khan continued.

“There is no room left for this Election Commission to continue. What is sad that if these incompetent people do not resign they will be the same people conducting upcoming local body polls.”

He said Inquiry Commission endorsed his party’s legitimate demand for the establishment of a judicial commission to probe the transparency of last general elections.

“The JC itself has maintained that our demand was legitimate; so who was at fault? Us or you (government)?”

“So much propaganda has been done by the PMLN, two years were not wasted. In my opinion, our sit-in had created awareness among masses about elections,” Khan said.

Khan rejected calls for apology over his allegations about the fairness of elections. “Nawaz Sharif, you are the one who should apologise. Our demand was legitimate so you should have facilitated it before,” he said.

“The JC itself has maintained that our demand was legitimate; so who was at fault? Us or you (government)?” Khan questioned.