Imran Khan wasted nation’s two years: Pervez Rashid


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pervez Rashid on Sunday said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader, Imran Khan did nothing constructive and wasted two whole years of the nation.


Pervez Rashid said Imran Khan could have better the nation better by ensuring his presence at the parliament.

He said the helm of government is not a bed of roses rather it is a crown made of thorns.

Pervez Rashid said today’s results prove that the general elections of 2013 were also free, fair and transparent.

“Had Imran Khan’s allegations been correct, then Pakistan Muslim League-N candidate Ayaz Sadiq would have bagged no more votes than PTI’s Ashraf Sohna,” he argued.

He said if the leadership of PTI wants to keep itself under a false illusion, then it has all the right do so.