Imran vows to run full election campaign for NA 122, 154 by-polls

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Saturday said that there’s no restriction on him to go to election constituencies as per the Supreme Court’s ruling, adding that he will run full election campaign for NA 122 and 154 by-elections, Dunya News reported.


Addressing a media conference in Lahore, Khan alleged that no action has been taken against corruption in Punjab.

Khan added he is going to start NA 122 candidate Aleem Khan’s election campaign.

Imran said his party will run a full election campaign in both constituencies of Lahore and Lodhran because “rigging has to be defeated”.

PTI chief said there’s no ruling of Supreme Court that prohibits him from campaigning in any constituency. “I am party’s leader and it is my duty to recognize the manifesto”, Khan said.

“I am not the Prime Minister of the country that I’d be stopped from running election campaign.”

PTI chairman said the atmosphere seems positive in Lodhran but for Lahore, they will write to the Election Commission and Inspector General (IG) Punjab.

“The police have been made Gullu Butts in Punjab”, he said, adding that he will tell in the election campaign how Punjab has been ‘robbed’.