India must remember Pakistan is nuclear power: Kh. Asif

ISLAMABAD: Declaring policy towards India, the defence minister Wednesday shot a stinging warning at the so-called regional superpower for fanning the fires of nihilism in Pakistan.


“We will not hold still for India’s rabble-rousing intervention in Pakistan’s affairs,” Federal Minister for Defence, Khawaja Muhammad Asif said in a statement issued here.

Asif said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had taken up this matter with the United Nations Secretary General Ban ki-Moon in a recent meeting.

“India’s hegemonic madness and jingoistic belligerence stand exposed,” said Asif.

On Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi’s statement, Asif said,”It was just a statement and we shall confine ourselves to the level of this statement.”

Talking to media at Parliament’s Lobby, the defence minister accused the Indian premier of spoiling the environment of peace talks between the two states.

If it resorted to violate the ceasefire agreement on Line of Control (LOC), Pakistan would retaliate with equal force, Asif added.

“India should not forget that Pakistan can ‘effectively’ defend its sovereignty against any internal or external threat,” the minister said.

India must remember Pakistan is nuclear power… by newsonepk