ISLAMABAD: Court neglect Musharraf’s exemption plea in Ghazi murder case

On Thursday a local court in Islamabad resumed hearing the murder case of former prayer leader of Lal Masjid, Abdul Rasheed Ghazi and rejected the exemption plea filed by the accused in the case General (retd) Pervez Musharraf

 On May 3, the court had summoned former president and accused in the event in today’s hearing and had granted immunity in the final audition.


Additional District and Sessions Judge Wajid Ali resumed the proceedings where the tribunal threw out the exemption plea and summoned the two guarantors of Pervez Musharraf on June 12.

 Judge Wajid Ali had already rejected Musharraf’s petition seeking permanent exemption in the Ghazi murder case during the final hearing and had summoned him for today. Nevertheless, he did not look in today’s proceedings as well.

During May 3 proceedings, Musharraf’s lawyer, Major (retd) Akhtar Shah appeared in the court and presented three applications on behalf of his client that included seeking acquittal in the Ghazi murder case, exempt from the May 3 hearing and permanent exemption from appearing in the courtyard.

Akhtar Shah argued that it is the prosecution’s obligation to ensure Pervez Musharraf’s appearance in the court as his customer was willing to confront the charges against him.

The applicant will be responsible if anything fell out to Musharraf, Shah stated.

The applicant’s lawyer Abdul Haq Malik argued that every time the counsel states the same reason for Musharraf’s absence that his client has security threats and he is unwell. He pleaded the court to summon Pervez Musharraf or his guarantors in case of non- conformity.

The tribunal, then, granted Musharraf exemption from the May 3 hearing and issued notices to the concerned parties on his applications regarding permanent exemption from the proceedings and acquittal from the murder charges.

Judge Wajid Ali remarked that the accused was granted exemptifor as he was not present in the city, however, no excuse will be accepted for next hearing and ordered the relevant authorities to secure his presence on May 22. Conforming to the decree, the court adjourned the hearing.


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