ISLAMABAD: Khaqan, KP gas reticent expend fast

Minister Petroleum Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Wednesday stated that gas reserves in KPK are depleting at a flying speed while efforts to find new oil and gas reserves have been hastened.


Briefing the sub-committee of Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources he said production from these fields had witnessed two to three percent reduction and the situation could become worse if no raw gas was injected into the scheme.

Abbasi said gas worth billion of rupees is stolen in Kohat division through illegal connections. He suggested strict measures to stop gas theft.

The commission also expressed dismay over violation of conventions by the provincial government for utilization of 10 percent of the royalty fee government on uplift projects in the area where oil and gasoline was produced.

The pastor said the royalties collected by the federal government was paid to the provincial governments, which were supposed to utilize 10 percent of the royalties for infrastructure development in the districts where oil and gasoline was produced.

The commission also directed the oil and gas exploration companies to offer complete lists of its employees including skilled and unskilled workforce as to know if priority was given in employment to local citizenry.

The commission members suggested that topical anesthetics should be granted priority in jobs to overcome law and order situation in the country. They sounded out when the occupation is denied to locals, they react which create law and order situation.

Committee Convener Abdul Nabi Bangash said that 1800 local Balochs were working on Saindek project. He said Kohat Division was producofg 46,000 barrels oil and KPK has an overall 27 percent portion of total production of natural gas in the state.

He said despite all contributions of KPK locals are not given employments and the countries which are producing natural gas are without gas supply.

He stated he has obtained thousands of job applications from highly educated youth of Kohat divisions, he suggested concerning companies to give them tasks.

Senator Talha opined the company could deliver billions of rupees, spent on security, by providing jobs to local citizenry.

He expressed his reservatiabouts in giving Saindak project back to China and alleged that oil and gas companies operating in the country should gain from local talent by using them.

MD ODGCL Riaz Khan said compressors had been purchased to inject into system 1 mmcd low-pressure gas that used to be wasted in flare up at a gas field at Karak. Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood, Osman Saifullah Khan and officials of the ministry of petroleum and natural resources, SNGPL and MOL, attended the encounter.


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