ISLAMABAD: Low turnout of APML supporters as Musharraf appears in court

Newsone: The All Pakistan Muslim League’s attempts at showcasing the political strength (APML) continued to be unsuccessful as its workers failed to get together outside of the special courtroom in support of their leader, former dictator Pervez Musharraf, who was pointed out on treason charges today.


Barely a dozen Musharraf loyalists and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) workers managed to arrive at the courtroom where the trial was taking office.

This was virtually the same group of patrons present at the court a month ago, when Musharraf made his first courtroom appearance.

“There would have beencrowdsd of thousands of party workers had we are exactly known that President sahib’s appearance before the court this time,” he defended Despite the low turnout, the supporters chanted “Musharraf Tera janisar beshomar beshomar” when Musharraf entered the premises of the special court in his security convoy.

Mian Attique MQM’s president Punjab, also a member of the MQM Rabita Committee, arrived at the special court along with fellow MQM workers. “We’ve come on the advice of party leader Altaf Hussain to show solidarity [with the former army chief],” he stated.

“We believe that the lawsuit against Musharraf is politically motivated as he was singled out in the November 3 action.” The court will resolve overdue today whether Musharraf’s request to visit his mother in Dubai, enabling him to exit the nation, will be allotted or not, Newsone.


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