ISLAMABAD: Qureshi welcomes the Aitzaz Ahsan’s statement regarding the protest

Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi today welcomed Opposition leader in Senate Aitzaz Ahsan’s statement commending PTI’s protest against rigging.


He stated, the PPP leader’s highlighting of the mass rigging bolsters the PTI position, that unless this rigging was exposed by opening up of constituencies for vote count and verification, elections will always be controversial and non-credible in Pakistan.

The Vice Chairman said the PPP leader stating that PMLN had created hurdles and pressure in Punjab to prevent PTI workers from making it in Islamabad showed that PTI protesting this was founded on facts.

He also welcomed Aitzaz Ahsan is voicing the same requirement as a PTI in its Charter of Demands for electoral reforms with regard to the Election Commission Pakistan (ECP).

Shah Mahmood Qureshi hoped, PPP would join PTI in forming a committee in framing electoral reforms to push through parliament in the form of statute law.


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