ISLAMABAD: Siddiqui to Taliban, No headway, no peace talks

Special Advisor to Prime Minister on National Affairs and Coordinator of Peace Dialogue Committee, Irfan Saddiqui Wednesday rang the alarm bells that the peace process would fall away into a stalemate if Taliban made no concrete headway straightaway

“Long-drawn-out talks don’t bode well in the inaugural spot. A procedure of such a sensitive nature just cannot move on everlastingly. It should reach its logical goal in a definite time. The sooner the better,” said Siddiqui while talking to British media.


Special Advisor to Prime Minister said the claims for ‘results’ were growing louder and louder. “The pressure is mounting on the regime for a durable peace in the terror-torn nation.

The state wants us to get to these talks successful. Though, we did what we could but we just cannot ‘do more’ if Taliban don’t reciprocate”, said he.


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