Judicial commission orders to retrieve Form 15 from vote bags


ISLAMABAD: The judicial commission probing alleged election rigging has issued detailed written verdict over Form 15 and have ordered to retrieve the said forms from vote bags, NewsOne reported.


In the written verdict, the commission has ordered that the process of retrieving forms will take place under supervision of district judges.

The commission ordered to open white, hockey and blue coloured bags in order to retrieve the forms and the district judges to prepare certified copies of Forms 15 of all polling stations.

The commission said that the form of every constituency must be sent to the commission in separate packets. It further ordered the district election commissioners to assist in the process for national and provincial assemblies’ constituencies whereas the same responsibility in Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) will be on political agents.

Judicial commission ordered a report must be sent even if the said forms are not found. It has ordered that the process of retrieval of the forms be completed until June 8.

The Form 15 carries details of ballot papers as per serial numbers sent to polling stations in elections.

Every polling stations receives two copies of Form 15, one in the ballot papers bags while the other is given to the Returning Officer (RO).