Kaira says Policy of reconciliation proved detrimental for PPP


DUBAI: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior leader Qamar Zaman Kaira admitted at a press conference on Tuesday that his party’s support amongst the masses had decreased in recent times.


“It is true that our support has waned at the public level. The party’s workers are upset, and the policy of reconciliation has proved to be detrimental for the PPP,” Kaira told reporters at a press conference after a party meeting in Dubai.

The party announced that the PPP would not form a coalition with any other party for the upcoming local government elections in Sindh and Punjab.

Kaira said that it was painful for the PPP to be declared by some as supporters of terrorists. But he also vowed that the party would try to endure repressive actions against it and continue to struggle in Parliament and the courts.

The senior leader said the PPP will not take any step to destabilise the system.