KARACHI: 2 killed; Policeman’s son strike on rival in Karachi

Son of a high police official, accompanied by guards of his father, launched an overnight armed assault on an adversary’s house located in defiance, killing him on the situation.


According to SP Clifton Ebadat Nisar, the incident took place as a result of bad blood between the two rival groups.

The police official stated, however, the police are trying to determine the cause of lethal armed brawl.

Police said SSP Ghulam Sarwar Abro’s son and the deceased Salman Lashari had an affray. Later on, Abro’s son escorted four guards of his father to the residence of Salman Lashari and recklessly sprayed bullets on him, defeating him and injuring his guard.

Retaliating the attack, Lashari’s private guards, who suffered injuries in the attack, opened gunfire, shooting down one of Abro’s guards and wounding his son. The deceased guard was later identified as Zaheer.
Shortly after the crash that involved twin killings, a heavy contingent of police made to the website.


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