KARACHI: Karachi again in fire after PM leaves.

Minutes after the conclusion of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Karachi visit, at least six people, including a police officer were killed during last 24 hours in different violence and burning incidents in the city.


A police, Zeeshan, was shot down on the Ijtimagah Road in Manghopir. Zeeshan was going back home after his obligation was over. The number of police fatalities during the holy month of Ramadan, mounted in seven. Lore as well became a flashpoint.

Limb-tied body of a youth was recovered from Lyari’s Chakiwara. Two others—Rehmat and Khalil, were gunned down in Afshani Street.

Meanwhile, personnel of the rangers and police kick-started search operation after sealing off different streets of Lyari.

According to the authors of the rangers, the deceased were shot down by the operatives of Lyari’s gang-war on suspicion of betrayal.
Granting to the rangers sources, full-fledged operation will be launched in Lyari after the midnight. In the first place, a man, Riaz Habib, was shot down in his mind as he was getting out of masjid located in the Kati Pahari area of Qasba Colony. A youth, Zamir, was targeted in Lyari’s Lee Market area. He was transported to Civil Hospital in critical condition; however, he passed away in the hospital.


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