KARACHI: Political parties later on getting into power, Imran Khan

President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan has stated that political parties later on getting into power try to become all and all of the state and act like dictators.


He stated that the country cannot flourish without true democracy.

The PTI Chief said that the significance of genuine democracy is independence.

He inquired that what’s good of foreign visits of the Prime Minister are brought to the land, while he also criticized the rules for their lavish livings saying that the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan have daily expenses worth of Rs 50 Lac.

Khan alleged that a businessman should not be the head of the nation, whereas the nation cannot prosper without true democracy.

He sounded out that here the country is taking shorter and the folks of the rulers becoming richer.

The PTI Chairman said all my assets and bank bills are in Pakistan, while others having all their money deposited in foreign banks are talking some foreign investment.

Moreover, he challenged to gather 10 Lac masses in Islamabad on August 14, marking a day in the history of the nation.


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