Kasur: Six nabbed in child pornography scandal


KASUR: Six men accused of being involved in a child abuse and child pornography scandal, which is said to have affected around 280 children, have been arrested, a report submitted to the Punjab chief minister revealed.


The report, prepared by an inquiry committee formed to investigate the case, added that raids are being conducted to apprehend six other men. All 12 men were identified through videos of abuse that investigators got hold of.

The committee, comprising Additional Inspector General (IG) Arif Nawaz Khan and Commissioner Lahore Division Abdullah Sunbal, presented its findings to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who has directed authorities to apprehend any individuals involved in such incidents.

The CM has vowed to keep influential figures from pressurising the police and has asked authorities to investigate the involvement of PML-N MNA Malik Ahmed Saeed.

A gang of 20 to 25 individuals had reportedly made about 400 videos of sexual abuse of at least 280 children belonging to Hussain Khanwala village near Kasur.

The first FIR of the case was registered on July 1. A total of eight FIRs have been registered so far at the Ganda Singhwala police station, seven for assault and one for threats.

The Punjab chief minister took notice after clashes erupted over the past few days between protesters and police in villages around Kasur, some of which grew violent, injuring both citizens and policemen.

Protesters came out on the streets after news broke out of the police letting go of one of the arrested suspects. Protesters also claim that the police had accepted bribes to turn a blind eye to the activities of the 25-man gang.