KP government gambled huge money in stock market: Daniyal Aziz


ISLAMABAD: Presenting hard evidence before the media about the mega scam allegedly perpetrated by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Tuesday demanded of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to explain its position on the matter within two weeks.


“This is a historical mega-scandal which has now been proved by the PTI’s own white paper in which it was confessed that the KP government had invested Rs 378.71 million in shares of listed companies”, PMLN Daniyal Aziz said in a press conference here.

He said the KP government gambled in stock market and lost huge money, so in order to cover that money, it fudged the figures of several hydel power projects in the province which were to be completed by 2015-16.

He alleged that Rs 25 billion was allocated for completion of numerous hydel power projects in the province but millions of rupees from it were squandered in the stock market to benefit rich business people, including some PTI leaders interfering in the affairs of the provincial government.

“We will not leave them free in this mega scandal and will give them two weeks to take action against the culprits”, he said adding if they failed to do so the federal government would take action and send the case to National Accountability Bureau (NAB).