LAHORE: Dr Qadri said Revolution’s destination around the box

Announcing a visit to Pakistan in July, Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s (PAT) Allama Dr Tahir-UL-Qadri Sunday said he threw his eyes set on the revolution’s destination, which was not far.


“In this respect, I am launching a ‘people’s revolution council’ right here, right now”, said he a tele-addressing a rally here.

The firebrand reformist cleric deplored the poor state of majority rule in the nation.

 “In Pakistan ‘corruption’ and ‘election rigging’ are called democracy”, said he.

He articulated it was high time the oppressed segments of the company, including the laborers, farmers, teachers, attorneys, students, and women were mobilized for the rotation.

“In order for the revolution to succeed, we must mobilize all of the exploited, the oppressed, and the frustrated”, Dr Qadri argued

Dr Qadri said that plunderers of national resources would be nowhere to be found upon his arrival in Pakistan.

“Real soon, prosperity will knock on people’s doors. By the blessing of Allah Almighty, we will build it happen before long”, said he.


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