LAHORE: Israelian has to end aggression against Palestinians in Gaza, PUC.

Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) has asked the government of Pakistan to convene a session of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to end Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza.


PUC organized a Palestine solidarity conference at Lahore Press Club and announced to observe ‘Yaum-e-Quds’ on Friday. While the Pakistan’s Christian community will pray for the oppressed Palestinian people in churches next Sunday.

The participants of the conference called for the United Nations (UN) and Muslim rulers to bring second and efficient steps to put an end to the mass murders of Palestinians.

At the end of the conference a joint announcement was published saying that Israeli violence is against the humanity.

“People, belonging to different religions, are protesting across the Earth against the heinous Zionist crimes.

The international community should remain firm up against Israeli aggression,” it said.

The group discussion was seen by different religious and social organization to expressing solidarity with the Palestinians.


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