Lahore: Two women dead as tree falls on rikshaw

LAHORE: Strong gale in Lahore left 2 women dead on Monday as winds at a speed of 102 km/hour or around 55 knots per hour left the citizens shocked.


Electricity supply suffered due to the strong winds in some of the areas while Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan barely avoided a helicopter accident, reported Dunya News.

According to the details, the strong winds started to blow at around 3 pm. According to the Met department, the winds blew at around 82 km/hour speed in the city and reached 102 km/hour speed near the airport. Dust covered the sky within moments and traffic system suffered badly due to the gale.

Two women died in Sundardas area of Lahore as a tree fell on the rikshaw due to the gale.

Power supply was badly affected in many areas of the city while tripping complaints have also risen.