LAHORE: Veena Malik, Sheikh Rashid’s like a father figure to me

Along the well made up face of it, the silver-tongued cinematic sorceress, Veena Malik, has finally decided to hang up her hat, which no one has ever pictured her wearing at any rakish angle, simply it’s a given that whatever she is up to, she is not in a rush at all.


Veena, who was looking stunning in her blue embroidered dress, becharmed a press conference at her Lahore residence here on Thursday. She told the media that since her life got speedup, ”” she is a different woman with a whole novel set of designs

“I will now put stay in Pakistan to pursue a showbiz career, serve social welfare, and above all jump into politics”, said Veena rubbing shoulders with her hubby Assad Bashir Khattak

Vienna, who was sitting at that place with her head hidden under “Dopatta”, smiled from ear to ear when she supposed she couldn’t be gladder.

“No matter where have you been, you always come back to who you are. Pakistan is where I belong. I am right away looking forward to get the most of this chance. These are the days of life that I will always draw pleasure from”, said she.

When a perky reporter asked her to gloss along the veteran politician Sheikh Rashid’s saying no to her invitation for a cup of tea, she cheekily replied that Sheih Sahib, a chronic bachelor, was like a father figure to her and he must be excessively busy to join them for tea.

Declining Veena’s invitation, the outspoken politician, who is noted for his ‘due dalliance’, told Samoa that the offer had come “too late” and he was excessively busy to see it.

“What is immediately left there for me to hold a cup of tea with her?


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