LHC moved opposed to Hajj policy

LAHORE: Government’s new Hajj policy (2014) has been challenged in the Lahore High Court.


An application was lodged today in the LHC in which the petitioner lifted up objections over allotment of quota to private Hajj operators and government’s Hajj fares.

Under the government scheme the Hajj package will cost over Rs 2, 72,000 for those travelling from Punjab and KPK but the private operators are charging over Rs.500,000.

More than 143,000 Hujjaj will perform Hajj this year under the new Hajj policy announced in April this year.

The original Hajj quota of 179,210 assigned to Pakistan for the year 2012 was reduced by 20% last year due to expansion plans of Haram Sharif and was duly fixed at 143,368.

The Hajj scheme, 2014 will be executed by government scheme and private Hajj group organizers (HGOs) in the proportion of 50 percent each.

As stated to the new Hajj policy, anyone who has performed Hajj during the final five years won’t be eligible to perform Hajj this year.


Junior - Taleem Aam Karaingay - Juniors ko Parhaingay