LONDON: Altaf Hussain said country is affected by poverty, unemployment and inflation

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Quaid Altaf Hussain Tuesday said that the country is affected by poverty, unemployment and inflation due to the capitalist system in vogue in the country and added that Pakistan needed a courageous, fearless and sincere leaders.


 Addressing a joint meeting of the members of Rabita Committee in Pakistan and London, Altaf Hussain said that the end of iniquitous system would turn out to be a milestone in the construction of a stable, strong and developed Pakistan.

 Altaf Hussain said that the state would have to determine whether they want to preserve this obsolete system or Pakistan. He averred that the popular slogan should be no ‘end the corrupt scheme and save Pakistan’.

MQM Quaid said that the purity and impurity are contradictory to each other. Pakistan is Pak (pure), while the and unjust system is impure and, consequently, the impurity has to be cast away for building Pakistan stable, enlightened and developed.


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