Mansehra rape accused physical remand – Police

MANSEHRA: Today, the three gangs-rape accused would be raised before the evaluator of the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Abbottabad.


The student was put on by her friend into running with her in a car where two human races, including a seminary instructor, had allegedly assaulted her in Mansehra and then left her stranded in the center of a road near Ghazikot Township, on May 13th.

Prosecutor Mohsinn Khan told the court that following incorporation of ATA clauses in the FIR the case would be tried by an anti-terrorism judge and until the suspects were given before the ATC they should be given in police detention.

Anam, the co-suspect in the lawsuit, who allegedly trapped her class fellow, has also been charged under ATA -6/7 and would also be made before the ATC. “Anam, who was sent to the jail under women protection act later than producing her before the local magistrate, would also be tried under the ATA,” stated Gul Muhammad, a sub-inspector and investigation officer of the case.

Sub-Inspector Gul Mohammad, the investigation officer of the sheath, stated that the other girl, a friend of the victim who was also suspected in the lawsuit and had already been sent to jail on judicial remand, would likewise be attempted under the ATA.

As stated to police, the men were taken in various other cases of molestation and abuse of college girls. They would make videos of the abuse to blackmail the girls later.


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