Mehbood Anwar’s lies have been exposed: Imran Khan


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday said he would accept whatever decision the Judicial Commission takes with regard to the rigging allegations.


“Modus operandi of organised rigging and lies of former Punjab election commissioner Mehbood Anwar have been exposed today,” Khan added while speaking to the media outside the Supreme Court building after attending a hearing of the commission.

“We have found 15,000 additional ballot papers printed in Jehangir Tareen’s constituency… who knows what would have happened in other constituencies,” Khan said.

“According to our investigations, additional ballot papers were printed for 25 to 30 constituencies,” Khan said, adding that 62,000 additional ballot papers were sent for Hamza Shahbaz’s constituency, 56,000 for Hamid Khan’s and 61,000 for Safdar.

“I was called a stranger in the house when I returned to assemblies… now on what ground Saad Rafique would go to the house.”

Rejecting Imran Khan’s claims, State Minister for Information Technology Anosha Rehman later told the media that the PTI could not produce any evidence about printing of additional ballot papers.

“PTI sets new targets on daily basis and fails in achieving them,” Rehman said.

Additional ballot papers were printed for 25 to… by newsonepk