Mina stampede: Death toll of Pakistani Hujjaj rises to 60


KARACHI: The death toll of Pakistani pilgrims from deadly stampede that occurred in Mina during Hajj on September 24 has climbed to 60 with 90 others still missing after the tragedy.


According to reports, the death toll crossed 60 after Nasim Akhtar, a resident of Faisalabad, was identified among dead in Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, many pilgrims are said to have missed their flights in their quest to find whereabouts of their loved ones who went missing after the stampede that killed over 1000 people belonging to different countries.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Mazoorul Haq said steps are being taken to arrange return of the pilgrims who have missed their flights to Pakistan.

The helpline set up by the government of Pakistan, which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s focal person Tariq Fazil Chaudhry said has proved fruitful to help relatives of Mina victims, also seems to have failed in extending any relief to those who have lost contact with their loved ones.

Dead bodies of the pilgrims belonging to countries other than Pakistan are said to have been properly tagged with identification cards, show apathy on part of the Pakistani authorities.

Moreover, brushing aside reports regarding burial of dead in a mass grave, Saudi Officials say those who lost their lives in the stampede have been buried appropriately in accordance with Islamic rituals.