Mina Stampede: Death toll of Pakistani hujjaj rises to 99


ISLAMABAD: The government is preparing to bring back the bodies of Pakistani pilgrims who lost their lives in the Mina stampede, and will bear the costs during the process, said Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Muhammad Yousaf.


While briefing senate member on Tuesday, Majority of the families have agreed upon burying the bodies of their dear ones in Saudi Arabia.

Regarding the death toll, the minister said so far deaths of 99 Pakistani pilgrims were confirmed, out of which 70 were verified by the Saudi government and 47 by their relatives.

“We are in close coordination with the Saudi authorities,” said Yousaf, adding that “identification of the bodies is one of the biggest challenges they are still facing.”

The minister added that Pakistan was not the only country struggling to find the whereabouts of its citizens; Egypt and Bangladesh, among others were also making efforts towards this end.