MQM Rabitta Committee relieves Muhammad Anwar


KARACHI: The Rabitta Committee of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has relieved Muhammad Anwar of his responsibilities as its senior deputy convener ‘due to his protracted illness’.


The Rabitta Committee held its meeting today and came to a unanimous decision that those members of the committee who have been unable to fulfill their responsibilities due to one reason or another be will be relieved of their duties.

It decided the positions that are going to fall vacant would be filled with other senior and active workers of the party.

The Rabitta Committee paid rich tributes to Muhammad Anwar, saying he is a senior worker of MQM who stood by the party at times of trial and difficulty. However, the committee said that Muhammad Anwar had not been working with as much passion as he used to in the past.

It said since Anwar has not been well, he has to pay frequent visits to his doctors and as a result remains absent most of the times.

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