MQM reacts after Rangers 2nd raid at NineZero

KARACHI: After the Rangers raid at NineZero early on Friday morning, MQM’s Rabita Committee held an emergency press conference where MQM leader Barrister Saif said that the party “condemns the detainment of MQM coordination committee members Kaiful Warah and Qamar Mansoor”.


MQM leader Barrister Saif said that they were continuing their welfare work within the ambit of law.

“If a Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation charity donation receipt is recovered from someone’s pocket, it is as if they have been caught red-handed,” Saif said.

He claimed that the Rangers had not conducted the raid as per law, alleging that no warrants had been presented.

Following the raid, a large number of MQM workers and supporters reached Nine-Zero and protested against the arrest of their leaders.

The committee called for the immediate release of detained MQM members, he said.

Earlier on March 11, Rangers personnel raided the headquarters of MQM, one of the largest political parties in the country. The raid appeared to have symbolic significance in the Karachi operation that has been underway since October 2013.

A number of party workers, including member of MQM’s Rabita Committee Amir Khan, were detained during the pre-dawn raid which prompted a protest by party activists and a subsequent call for a day of “peaceful mourning” across the country.