Mullah Omar neither died nor was buried in Pakistan: Defence minister


ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said Friday that deceased Taliban chief Mullah Omar was neither killed nor buried in Pakistan.


“I want to reiterate that Mullah Omar neither died in Pakistan nor his burial was held here. The statements of this children and relatives are on record. Whether he died now or earlier, this is also a controversy that we do not want to be involved in,” Asif told Parliamentarians.

Speaking on the floor of the National Assembly, Asif said that the matter of a reported struggle within Taliban ranks for the leadership was their internal matter, and that Pakistan does not want to be involved in this controversy either.

The defence minister said that it would be a major success for Pakistan if talks between the Afghan government and Taliban negotiators end on a positive note.

“Two rounds were held for the talks. One was held in China, the second in Pakistan. A third round was scheduled in Pakistan but after this news it was postponed, not cancelled. The process is still ongoing,” Khawaja Asif told lawmakers in the National Assembly.

Asif said that Americans and Chinese were taking part in the negotiations as observers.

“We still wish that this process continues and that Pakistan’s positive role becomes a part of history. Our efforts are that whoever succeeds their leadership continues with the negotiations process so that long-lasting peace can be established in the region,” he said.