Nawaz inaugurated Mandra-Chakwal Road and Chakwal-Sohawa Road

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesda, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif kicked off two road projects in the time of his visit to Chakwal.


In the time of his short visit, he inaugurated Mandra-Chakwal Road and Chakwal-Sohawa Road and stated Chakwal would benefit from developmental projects.

Sharif stated others should be offering their resignations and not him. He pronounced the value of the dollar had diminished in the time of his tenure, but those who had promised to resign on that account had pulled in their statements.

Emphasizing that it would require time to answer the country’s troubles, he said Pakistan was facing with load- dropping even before the previous government got to power, adding that the last two regimes had failed to root out the energy crisis.

He alleged the regime desired to establish peace in the state, adding that it hoped that the people could commute and travel in peace even at late hours into the nighttime. On an individual basis, he said time was needed in order to reform government institutions.


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