Nawaz slams judiciary for inaction against military dictators

JHELUM: Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif alleged judiciary for legitamizing military dictators. He was addressing the public gathering here, in Jhelum, on Thursday eve. Addressing his party workers, he lamented that “You sent me to Islamabad, they sent me bact to home.”. Also added that 200 million people elected him and “5 honorable Judges” sent him home back.


The deposed Prime Minister also asked that why the military dictators are not held accontable. “The people will ask dictators,and those who accorded them legitimacy.”. The disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also asked his supporters, that whether they are going to bear this “insult” in which the crowd responded a big “no.”

Nawaz Sharis, stayed at Jhelum last night, and resumed his 3rd day of of his home coming rally, on Friday. Latest report is that his cavalcade has reached Khariyan.


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