NGOs to abide by laws of Pakistan: Nisar


ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday said that no Non-Government Organisation (NGO) working against the country’s national interest will be allowed to continue its work in Pakistan.


He said that some NGOs were performing out of their respective domains and they should be probed. “We formulated a plan last year to regulate the functioning of NGOs in the country.”

The statement comes a day after authorities ordered the international aid group Save the Children to leave Pakistan saying the charity was “working against the country”.

The interior minister added that they had been receiving intelligence reports for many years but no action was being taken. NGOs, whose numbers run into hundreds, have been operating without any code of conduct, law and agenda, he said.

“We don’t want to put ban on any NGO but we want to compel them to work under their charter,” Khan said.

The interior minister also appealed to all international NGOs and governments to respect the laws of Pakistan.

He said that the government will not bear any kind of foreign pressure regarding the working criteria of the NGOs.

Khan also alleged that some NGOs are working against the national interest of Pakistan with the support of US, Israel and India.

“I will highlight the issues of illegal NGOs in the parliament as the government cannot compromised on national interest,” he added.

The interior minister said that the government will welcome NGOs working according to plan by following the law of the land while the government will also facilitate the NGOs working according to their charter.

Khan also said that the implementation on capital punishment is in accordance with the law while criticism against judiciary will not be tolerated in this regard.

Addressing journalists in the federal capital city the interior minister said that many NGOs are doing a good job and all of them cannot be clubbed in the same category.

“We will support those NGOs who are doing a good job. But we cannot allow anti-state NGOs to operate under the umbrella of the good-performing NGOs.”

NGOs to abide by laws of Pakistan, Nisar by newsonepk