No terrorist group left capable of operating in Pakistan anymore: Ch. Nisar


ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday said the National Action Plan (NAP) was Pakistan’s security policy and it should not be used for political point scoring as no country allows politics on security issues.


Speaking at a press conference, Interior Minister said there should be no opinions and analysis on civil-military ties.

“Relations between government and the military have been exemplary in the last two years,” he said.

Unveiling details of operations carried out in connection with the NAP, the minister said that 68,000 arrests have been made in 62,000 different actions in the last nine months.

Law enforcement agencies release innocent people after due research and interrogation, he added.

Terrorism flourished after the last two military operations due to incompetence of the previous government, said the minister.

He said 1,114 terrorists have been killed since the operations were launched to eradicate militancy from the country. Over 500 ferrari rebels have laid down arms in Balochistan, where he claimed all ferrari camps were dismantled.

Karachi has witnessed 70 per cent improvement in law and order situation after the launch of Rangers and police operation against criminals and terrorists, said Chaudry Nisar, who termed it a big achievement of his party’s government.

The interior minister said that all terrorist networks have been dismantled and there was no terror group operating from the Pakistani soil anymore.

Refusing to unveil number of military troops, he said Pakistan Army was present in all four provinces.

“Only armed forces and law enforcement agencies of Pakistan can carry arms in the country,” he said.

Speaking earlier, Information Minister Rashid said that Pakistan was more secure today in comparison with 2013.