Noida incident – Kashmiri students forced to raise anti-Pak slogans

Students from Jammu and Kashmir continue to be dragged up over the question of nationalism.


Three Indian Held Kashmir students, who are enrolled in BTech courses, were exhausted up and driven to cry anti-Pakistan slogans in Greater Noida, India.

The incident took place on Saturday night in Sector Pi, where various scholars of different universities stay in rented flats.

The student said that the fellow students ‘asked us to shout India Zindabad and Pakistan Murdabad’.

The current incident takes two months after over 60 students were expelled from a Meerut University as they were cheering for Pakistan cricket team during the Asia Cup match.

Omar expressed his resent on twitter saying: “If the universities or state authorities can’t protect Kashmiri students coming there, then man up and accept your inability or unwillingness.

This type of incident has taken office in the province of Uttar Pradesh, the chief minister also used up a dig at UP’s inability to take on the position and offer safety to the students and amidst his speech he took out time to praise the Congress led United Progressive Allianc.

The Kashmiri students alleged that the other group arrived with a knife and rods and drove them to yell anti-Pakistan slogans.

A bunch of students from Kashmir come to India to study and for other business purposes that reflects just about reconciliation on their function as they are contributing towards the Indian economy.


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