Pak-Afghan Border – Weapons and explosives recuperated

QUETTA: On Monday, Security forces raided a truck and recuperated a large amount of weapons, ammunition and explosives in Balochistan’s Gulistan area near the Pak-Afghan border area.


Balochistan Home Minister Meir Sarfaraz Bugti alleged that neighboring countries, adding India and Afghanistan, we’re attempting to carry out terror activities to undermine Pakistan.

Security forces claimed to have recuperated 70 sacks of explosive materials, 45 prepared bombs, 200 caps, 100 AK-47 rifles, nine Kalakov rifles, three G-3 rifles and 135 handguns from hidden compartments in the truck.

Bomb assembling and other equipment improved added one hundred bundles of prima cord, 50 remote control detonators, sophisticated binoculars, sniper scopes and at least 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Security sources stated the weapons were being smuggled into Balochistan from Afghanistan to be used in terror activities covering the state, particularly in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.


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