Pakistan pledges continued support to UN peacekeeping


UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan on Monday, as part of its pledge for continued support to the UN peacekeeping efforts, vowed to provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for surveillance, additional helicopters, mobile hospitals and modern communication equipment for its forces in war zones.


Addressing the summit on the UN Peacekeeping co-hosted by President Barack Obama and the United Nations, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan has all along supported efforts for reform and strengthening of the UN peacekeeping architecture to enable it to better respond to evolving situations and requirements.

He said Pakistan has consistently figured among the top troop contributors to the United Nations and has also been at the forefront of norm setting in peacekeeping.

“Our professional, well-trained and competent peacekeepers have never shied away from mandated tasks. They are deployed in the most difficult theaters, staying the course in Liberia, even during the Ebola outbreak,” the prime minister said.

He endorsed Pakistan’s full support to the initiative of UN Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System.

“We shall continue to contribute highly professional peacekeeping personnel, ranging from infantry to guard units, and will continue to provide the UN with amongst our best military commanders, staff officers and military observers. Pakistan also remains committed to contribute to UN police requirements in the future,” he said.

Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan would continue deployment of precious assets like utility aviation, airport management facilities, signals communication units, transport, maintenance and logistics units, and field hospitals, alongside affordable field solutions to ensure rapid deployment.

“Specifically, we are pledging an Infantry Battalion, Transport, Engineering and Signals companies, additional utility helicopters, a Level-II and a Level-III Hospital, and a Canine Platoon for deployment to future UN peacekeeping missions.”

The Prime Minister said Pakistan considers modern technology an important component of peacekeeping.

“We, therefore, also commit to providing Surveillance Unmanned Unarmed Aerial Vehicles to enhance the capabilities related to protection of civilians and military personnel.”