Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif’s come to see New Delhi

On Tuesday, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif’s visit to New Delhi and the meeting with his Indian counterpart Narenda Modi elicited cautious optimism from the country’s media and security analysts on chances of improving the Indo-Pak ties.


Security experts in Pakistan believe the meeting among Sharif and Modi may yield no end result for the millions of people living on either side of the border, but their handshake conveys good significance for the two PMs.

Through similar friendly gestures towards Pakistan and other neighboring countries, Narendra Modi is facing the distance to become a national leader of the greatest democracy.

He is likewise attempting to lay to rest the fears of liberal and progressive forces that he may take India to the extreme right,” journalist-cum-foreign policy expert Owais Tauheed said.

In Pakistan, it is trusted that at one time the snow starts melting along the Pak-Afghan border, Islamabad has to fight the Taliban for strengthening its position along the western border in the backdrop of withdrawal of US soldiers.

Pakistan’s former Ambassador to Afghanistan and chief secretary of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Rustam Shah Mohmand trusts Sharif’s visit may unsecured a new chapter of warm relationship between the neighbors.


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