Pervez Rasheed rebuffs Zardari’s allegations


ISLAMABAD: Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Pervaiz Rashid said that politics of 90s was buried forever after the charter of democracy (CoD) between Nawaz Sharif and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.


“Asif Ali Zardari has some misunderstanding and time will prove it,” Rashid said in a media talk after Zardari’s outburst.

“All those mentioned in the PPP statement are not active politicians. Why would we want to target them,” he questioned.

“There is no word, “revenge’ in the dictionary of Nawaz Sharif,” he said. “Our government hasn’t opened any new cases,” he said.

To a question, he said that all parties, including the ruling PML-N, stand by army in its operation against terrorism.

“If there was any misunderstanding, it should stand clear after this press conference,” he contended.

“Those who were arrested in Karachi would be released if they were found innocent in courts,” the minister added.

Commenting on Imran Khan’s demands about Election Commission, he said that PTI Chairman had nothing positive.