PESHAWAR: one worshiper died and dozens more were wounded.

At least one worshiper died and dozens more were wounded after a mosque’s roof came down crashing on them in Gharibabad here on Friday.


The disaster struck after a patch of hard rain breached the ceiling of the mosque, which ultimately caved in.

The emergency responders dashed to the post and got out the injured minors out from below the rubble.

The casualties were rushed to nearby Khyber Teaching Hospital, Hytabad Medical Complex, and others.

Hospital Vandalized

According to sources, one of the wounded died in Hyatabad Medical Complex, allegedly due to inaccessibility of medical aid.

“There was no doctor on duty in the emergency room. The victim succumbed to his head injury before any medic could see him”.

Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased vandalized the hospital as protest demanding action against the staff.

Later, provincial health minister Serum Khan arrived at the hospital to calm down the angry mob.

The minister suspended the night shift medical superintendent of the hospital right away to appease the bereaved while ordering an indiscriminate inquiry into the ‘negligent absence’ of doctors from their positions.


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