Peshawar – TTP a crucial roar to Mullah Fazlullah

On Thursday, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), that is already challenging serious internal rifts and two of its groups engage in bloody infighting for the last twosome of months, on Wednesday accepted another severe setback when a key commander Khan stated alias Sajna who dominates most of the Mehsud tribe presumably a big group of Taliban, announced parting ways with the TTP, a move that left the defunct militant organization fight the battle of it’s alive.


In spite of the TTP had been facing internal rifts ever since the November 1, 2013 killing of Hakimullah Mehsud in a US drone attack, the Mehsud tribe decided to leave ways with the TTP following Mullah Fazlullah’s May 14 unilateral act of sacking Said Khan Sajna as the amir of the South Waziristan chapter of the TTP.

Amir of South Waziristan agency by the organization chief Mullah Fazlullah sometime back, Khan stated alias Sajna leading Wali Ur Rehman group of Taliban and pulling serious difference over territorial interference and Amaarat of TTP SWA with Shehryar Mehsud who is leading Hakimullah Mehsud group.

Latif Mehsud was not only named the deputy emir of the TTP but was also named the commander of the terror outfit in Miramshah, the capital of North Waziristan which also headquarters the TTP.

While Sajna maintained that the key slot of the TTP’s deputy ameer should not have been applied to a driver and that too without consultation, Hakimullah had justified his decision, saying he too had been the driver of the TTP’s founding ameer Baitullah Mehsud before being upgraded as the TTP ameer.

In the period of time the infighting within the TTP ranks has on one hand exposed the free command of the top leaders of the militant organization with particular mention to its chief Mullah Fazlullah over more than two dozen factions of the Taliban, on the other it has also severely affected the government –TTP Peace Negotiations which were already running into the snags owing to one cause or the other.


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