PIA Fokker hijackers sent to gallows after 17 years


KARACHI: Three death-row prisoners convicted for the 1998 hijacking of a PIA Fokker were executed in Karachi and Hyderabad jails on Thursday.


A Karachi-bound PIA Fokker was hijacked by three men shortly after it took off from Turbat with more than 30 passengers on board on May 24, 1998.

The hijackers wanted to take the aircraft to India.

The pilot of the plane, Captain Uzair Khan had landed the plane at the Hyderabad airport, duping the hijackers into believing that they had landed in the Bhuj airfield of India.

The hijacking had come to an end after security personnel stormed the plane overpowering the hijackers.

An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC), Hyderabad, had awarded capital punishment to three main accused, Shahsawar, Sabir and Shabbir, in October 1998.

The appeal of the accused against their conviction had been rejected by the Sindh High Court, Karachi bench, and subsequently by the apex court.

Their mercy appeal was also rejected by President of Pakistan.

Shabbir was executed in Karachi central Jail while Sabir and Shahsawar were executed in Hyderabad Central Jail.