Police kill 4 terrorists involved in attack on slain Shuja Khanzada


LAHORE: Law enforcers in Lahore carried out an operation in Sherakot area on Thursday and killed four suspected terrorists involved in the suicide attack on slain Punjab Home Minister Shuja Khanzada.


According to police, the terrorists were identified as Amjad, Fayyaz, Sadaqat and Saddam.

The provincial home minister was among 19 people killed when suicide bombers attacked the political office of the retired colonel in his native village in Attock district in August.

Today’s police operation comes days after Mohammad Qasim, a key suspect in the terrorist attack, was arrested by the counter-terrorism department Punjab (CTD).

A CTD spokesman said the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Qari Sohail group was involved in the suicide attack. The spokesman added that the mastermind of the attack was Qari Sohail who had sent the suicide bombers.