Police release pictures of suspected Safoora attackers


KARACHI: Police Wednesday released pictures of the suspects involved in the deadly attack on bus at Safoora Goth that left at least 45 people dead.


Addressing a press conference, Raja Umar Khattab, in-charge of counter-terrorism unit, said the militants had plotted the attack two months before its execution.

Giving details of the investigations, Khattab said that Tahir alias Saeen was the mastermind of the attack. The militants held seven meetings before the assault, he added.

The head of CTU further revealed that up to 12 terrorists took part in the assault.

Six of the attackers got into the bus, four of them opened fire on the passengers, one drove the bus while another was standing at the door of the vehicle, Khattab said.

He said the attackers were wearing police uniform, pant shirts and shalwar kameez.

“The evidences found at the crime scene led to the arrest of the militants,” Khatab said.

He said four motorcycles, 2 cars, 9mm pistols and a Kalashnikov were also recovered from the possession of the accused.

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